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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Learn how to use social media for your business – 5 Top Tips

Is your company taking advantage of social media to promote your business?

You can’t avoid hearing and reading about how important it is to use social media to promote and market your business. Even if you haven’t got involved with social media yet, you will probably be aware that everyone is talking about it, so maybe you should start looking into it.

But where do you start? Look on the Internet and you’ll find lots of information, tips and advice, but do you really understand what you can get out of using Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In etc? Which of these sites are going to reach the right customer base for your product or service?

If you are going to spend time using social media sites as a marketing tool, you need to invest in some training to find out how to use them effectively. Take a look at our top tips below to get you thinking about what you need to find out before you get started.

5 Top Tips
1) Find out which social media sites are out there

2) Look into which ones will work best for your business

3) Decide how much time you are going to invest in building up your profile on these sites

4) Decide who is going to be responsible for managing your social media sites/profile

5) Remember these sites are about building up relationships with existing, and potential, customers and clients, so you need to engage

My advice to anyone about to start using Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In etc is to find out how to use them properly at the start - it will be money well spent and save you a lot of wasted time!